Website Design

Website Design


If you are looking to get yourself a website, then look no further. I offer affordable website design tailored around your needs. The websites I offer are E-Commerce, Portfolio, Business and everything in between. Basically, whatever your needs I have you covered. You choose the colour scheme, layout design (made easier if you have a website you like the look of for reference purposes) and provide the content for the website itself e.g images/text/videos. Have something more specific in mind? Not a problem. Let me know which specifics you require and we can discuss how to proceed. I DO NOT offer domain names and hosting. For these I would recommend IONOS as they are reasonable priced and great for new customers.


For an examples of my work please have a look at my Portfolio.


My Process

During our discussion about what it is you want website wise I will ask you if you have the content for the website available such as text for the pages, images or videos or if it is an E-Commerce website if you have prices/descriptions available. Then I will ask you if you have a website in mind that you like the look of so I can do the layout similar to it, and if you have a specific colour scheme you want on there. Once I have this information I can then tell you how much it is going to cost for my services.


Once we have agreed on a price for your website, I will then need a non refundable deposit to begin, as well as the login information for your domain name and hosting account. You can change the password for this if need be once I have installed the relative files in the hosting account to set up your WordPress website, this typically takes anywhere from five minutes to an hour depending on how fast the server response time is.

Once this is done I will then begin background work on your website, setting up the theme, plugins, admin settings etc which is what I do for the first day or so. Then I move on to the design elements and colour scheme you previously gave me. Everything I do is live and available to view as and when I do it, however I will also let you know when significant changes have been made and ask you if there is anything you wish to add to a specific section or change.


This process continues until the moment the website is finished. This is when you can decide whether or not you wish to have a maintenance plan in place, if you do I will then set up a PayPal recurring monthly invoice which covers your maintenance for your brand new website.




WordPress offers the most diverse and customizable CMS platform around. Meaning it is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. The reason being, it is as I said highly customizable in regards to colours, fonts, design, layout, custom coding, plugins, pre-built themes and the list goes on! For this reason, I LOVE WordPress! Never used it before? When you do, you will fall in love with it like I have.


Website Revamps


So you have a website already but want it either revamped or refreshed? Spruce it up a little? I can help you there. I can spruce up your existing website provided you state whether it is WordPress, custom coded HTML/PHP or another platform. Not sure which it is? Log in to your hosting account and go into the file system, print screen and send it via email during our consultation.


Let me know which service you require by using the button below, alternatively you can find me on Facebook!

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